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Europe by Night

Europe by Night


The International Space Station provides a spectacular perch to view this continent which, at night, reveals all its light and beauty. Breathtaking, like stars reflected on a lake at night.


Europe by night is the collaboration between two artists - Arisa Surinina and Ksystof Cetyrkovski; meticulously handcrafted by Arisa and lit-up by Ksystof using a very unique airbrushing technique.


If required, the "by night" airbrushing technique can be applied to all our maps. Turn the lights on!



Made for You

Custom made in all sizes. Price will vary based on the dimensions chosen, and the additional engraving required.


Estimated production time

From 4 to 6 weeks


Project shown

Price: 700 € (excl. delivery)

Dimensions: 450mm x 430mm | 17.7" x 16.9"

Weight: 8kg | 18lb


Delivery information 

Delivery rates will vary based on your destination 

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